Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Reasons why you come across fake and fraud complaints of Network Bulls

When you might have been reading any review/feedback of networking students about the training quality of Network Bulls then you might have come across few fake and fraud reviews about NB. But let us tell you that NB provides the world-class training facilities and has already bagged 14+ awards in best job placement. NB has gained this reputable position just because of delivering quality training and best results since 2009.

However, we are not asking you to ignore or accept that review, we are just asking you to use your reasoning power to justify that. This blog has NOT been written for marketing purpose however for the sole purpose of this blog is to make it absolutely clear to you that why you come across Negative Network Bulls Reviews.

The reasons could be many, lets have a look-
  • While serving the internet, you might get to see such words that are enriched with Network Bulls fraud, Network Bulls Complaints, Network Bulls fake reviews, etc., written in the professional language, this has been done to destroy the brand image of NB.
  • Search video testimonials instead to find the truth to check whether a company has posted videos on their YouTube channel or not.
  • You can check out Network Bulls Facebook page and can also interact with the students of NB via social media or any other social networking site. While interacting, you can ask them about the training, lab facilities or anything to ensure to get enrolled.
  • You can also check out the prestigious awards that are bagged by NB to get a sneak peak of its quality training.
Do a little research on this institute to know more about the courses it offers and know why it consider as the best networking institute in India!
To make your concepts absolutely clear, we have provided you the reasons why NB has become no. 1 choice for Cisco Training institute in the world-
  • World’s biggest Cisco labs with separate lab sections for CCNA, CCNP and CCIE certifications.
  • Biggest pool of CCIE certified trainers who have mastered in networking domain.
  • The institute provides 24x7 lab accessibility so that students can practice for the hour4s on the real Cisco devices to polish their technical skills.
  • Offers 100% job placement guarantee in expert level courses which include- CCIE Security Integrated and CCIE Routing and Switching Integrated course programs.
  • NB has bagged 14+ prestigious awards since 2009 for the best job placement.
  • Approx 40+ countries students visit NB to get enrolled in Cisco certifications.
So I hope you might have got enough reasons how to chunk out the fake and fraud information about Network Bulls. Make your own judgement , Don’t believe the fake and fraud reviews, Visit the institute once to observe the learning environment and get in touch with students and the ex-students of the institute and know the truth.

To know more, visit our website- www.networkbulls.com

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Helpful Tips for the Data Center Certification Training and Preparation

Getting trained in data centre certification is one of the most reputed careers among IT professionals. It gives them a chance to excel and get good job opportunity in the IT industry. In this era when recession has resulted in many people losing their jobs, this is one area where there is no dearth of jobs for the right candidate. But it is not an easy thing to get this certification. One needs to undergo rigorous Data Center Certification Training in order to clear these exams. Here are some tips for those who want to prepare for these exams.

1. Clarity of goals:

One of the main reasons that candidates fail to clear these exams is because they do not have clear career goals. The candidate must first decide what specialisation he would like to pursue. Whether he wants to get train in routing and switching programme or whether he wants to get trained security or any other subject. Once he is clear about his interests and long term career goal it becomes easier to opt for the right Data Center Certification Training programme. There are CCIE, CCNP, CCNA Data Center certification and many other certification courses.

2. Training under proper guidance is a must:

When you decide to take up a course in Data Center Certification Training then it is important that you get the right training. This is possible only if you select the right training institute which has a good track record. Taking the example of Network Bulls in Gurugram. This is one training center which has the best faculty and extraordinary lab facility. They have a well equipped lab and they put in their best efforts to make sure that their students get the best training. They offer courses in CCIE, CCNA, CCNP Data Center certification etc.

3. Choice of study materials:

Once you have selected a good training institute the next thing that you must do is collect the right study material. When you have a training institute like NetworkBbulls then there is nothing to worry as you can be sure that they will guide you in this from the very basic. Make sure that you get the right books and also get involved in forums which provide useful information about CCNP, CCNA,CCIE Data Centercertification. Remember that along with the right training it is also very important that you read the right books and study material on Data Center Certification Training.

4. Get your basics right and keep practicing:

Keep in mind that if you want to clear the Data Center Certification Training examination then you have to get your basics right. Your concepts needs to be crystal clear. In the practical exam you are expected to troubleshoot and find solutions for the problems that are given to you. This will be possible only in two ways. One if your basics are clear and second if you have enough practice.

Yes, Data Center Certification Training exams are one of the toughest to crack, but it is not impossible. All that you need is hard work, good training institute and clear goals.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Don’t believe the fake complaints about Network Bulls, Find the reality yourself

Today, hundreds of students who plan to enter the networking field, take the name of Network Bulls for pursuing networking training. We have developed this trust after the hard efforts of seven years.
NB has become the symbol of success for the candidates dedicated to making their dreams the reality of life. We aim at providing best networking training to the candidates for making them an expert in their domain. Thus, we provide numerous educational facilities which help students to develop a crystal clear understanding of the concepts and learn the practical implementation of the technology.
14+ Awards – Testimony for excellent training and placements
Network Bulls has won more than 14 awards in just a short span of 7 years. Awards are neither fake nor fraud but they are the testimony for beyond excellent training and the placements provided by Network Bulls, Gurugram.
NB has won the award for highest placement record multiple times. In addition, NB has been awarded for best networking training institute, best network security networking institute and a lot more.
See in Network Bulls in Awards and know the truth!!!
Trouble for Network Bulls?
Recently, there have been allegations and accusations pointed at NB for giving fake and fraudulent placement options to students. Many Networkbulls’ fake complaints were reported on social media platforms. It was said that Network Bulls only take your money and does not deliver training. One common trend amongst such complaints was that they were not made via any authentic ID.
Our competitors, find it hard to match our high standards of training. Thus, make use of such cheap tricks for defaming the reputation of NB.  
Networkbulls fake complaints have misguided hundreds of students and created a wrong buzz amongst them. If you have also read Networkbulls fake complaints and have questions in mind then visit NB, meet the students and get the genuine feedbacks.
Why Complaints from Network Bulls’ students are hard to find?
We don’t say, we are the best but complaints from NB students are really hard to find. The basic reason behind is that we have a dedicated management team to hear the complaints and issues of students.
We know that students face few issues after enrolling. Therefore, we provide them with complete freedom to make complaints about their issues. All the complaints are resolved within three working days and students are provided with optimal solutions.
Hear the reviews and feedback directly from students
If you are also searching for the best networking training institute but finding it hard to decide after reading Networkbulls fake complaints. Then, you must directly hear from students. Hundreds of students provide their reviews and feedbacks after building a shining career in the field of networking.   
Visit our official YouTube channel and hear directly from students!!! You can also check the reviews and feedbacks at our official website and placement portal.
You can also connect to students on various social media channels or you can visit NB and talk to students directly.
Enroll at NB and build a shining career in the field of networking.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

How to Prepare for Cisco CCIE Security Lab Exam

CCIE certification by Cisco Systems is the most renowned and challenging certification course in the world of IT certifications. Amongst different Cisco certification courses, CCIESecurity certification is one of the most demanded IT certification course. Thus, it can help you to acquire your dreams quickly in the IT industry.
There is no formal pre-requisite for undertaking Cisco CCIE Security exam but you need to have an in-depth knowledge of Cisco CCNA and CCNP Security certification. However, for undertaking Cisco Security Lab examination you need to pass CCIE Security written exam.
Passing the lab exam is like injuring a stone, if you do not follow the right strategy for preparation. Thus, to help you with passing the CCIE lab exam, below we are listing the top tips to help you prepare for the Cisco CCIE Security Lab Exam and crack the same in the first attempt. Have a look –
#1) Select the best networking training institute
The first thing that you need to do is to find the best networking training institute. Cisco CCIE certification course is amongst the toughest IT certification course in the world and to learn the concepts easily in a short span, you need the guidance of experts. Thus, enroll at the networking training institute having well-equipped labs and a team of CCIE certified trainers.    
#2) Planning Resources
Another thing you need to do is to get the resources for studying. Abundant amount of study materials are available on internet which can surely help you prepare for Cisco CCIE Security lab exam. However, you need to select the reliable resources that are more inclined towards improving your troubleshooting and configuration skills. Many networking training institutes also provide the study materials to students.
#3) The Cisco’s official study material  
While preparing for Cisco exams students ignore one of the best learning resources i.e. – Cisco’s official study material.  In fact, Cisco’s official website contains ample study material and the best part is that it develops the skill set required for passing the Cisco CCIE Security exam and becoming a CCIE certified candidate. Cisco’s material is developed and organized according to present demands and trends.
#4) Lab Practice
Practicing lab is an eminent part of lab exam preparations. CCIE lab examination tests your practical networking skills and practicing lab helps you to learn the practical implementation of the technology. For passing CCIE Security lab exam, you have to be proficient in numerous technologies such as AAA, IPsec, firewalls and a lot more. Thus, it is advisable to opt for rigorous training in order to excel practical networking skills. Enrolling in networking training institute having well-equipped labs will help you to develop hands-on networking skills.
#5) Learn to beat the time
CCIE lab exam is an 8-hour long examination but still, you need to keep one eye on the watch for completing your exam within time. Thus, it is advisable to appear for mock lab exams; it will prepare you for the real exam as well as will help you undertake a quick revision.  
These are some tips that you can follow to prepare for Cisco CCIE Security lab exam. Ensure that you increase your troubleshooting skills simultaneously with configuration skills as exams focus on troubleshooting skills as well and design questions accordingly.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Top 3 CCIE Security Students Reviews about Networkbulls training

Networking is one of the most emerging fields of employment, millions of students enter the field of networking with the aim of giving a kick-start to their career. However, only few are able to accomplish their goals.  

Over 3000 students from different parts of India and the World enroll at Network Bulls every year for building their career in the field of networking. In such a competitive and demanding industry, NB has placed more than 15000 students with top IT MNCs. In fact, Network Bulls has been honored for the best placement record in the networking industry.

After giving the kick-start to career, students provide their reviews and feedbacks about Network Bull’s training and job placement. You can search the web and find hundreds of Networkbulls student’s reviews and feedbacks.  These Networkbulls student’s reviews will help you to know about our training process and facilities

While scrolling the web, you might come across Network Bull’s fake reviews which is given by our competitors who find it hard to compete with us. We do not believe in providing fake and fraud reviews, thus, we always come up with Networkbulls student’s reviews and video testimonials to provide you with the genuine reviews.

Review of Top 3 CCIE Security Students who made their careers fly at NB

Today, we are going to feature the reviews of top 3 CCIE Security Students who came to NB, studied under the guidance of CCIE  Certified experts, gained in-depth knowledge of networking, groomed their personality and nailed the interview of Top IT MNCs like a pro.

Let’s have a look at the top 3 CCIE Security students reviews  and know more about NB training and Job Placement –
Kartik |British Telecom
First in our list is Kartik who wanted to build his career in the field of networking. Thus, enrolled at Network Bulls just after the completion of his class 12th examination. Kartik searched the web for the best networking training institute and enrolled at NB. Today, after the completion of his CCIE Security training, Kartik is placed in British Telecom.
Let’s hear his reviews about CCIE Security training Network Bulls-
Sagar | NBT
Next in our list is Sagar who is from Nagpur. After completing his graduation from the Nagpur University, Sagar wanted to build his career in the field of networking. Thus, came all the way to Gurugram for enrolling at NB.  
Today, Sagar is placed with NBT at quite a good salary package, let’s hear his review about Network Bull’s training and Job Placement –
Tamoghana | CSS Corp
Tamoghana enrolled at Network Bulls for pursuing CCIE Security Training and giving wings to his career. After completing his training at NB, Tamoghana got placed in CSS Corp and gave a kick-start to his career.
Post completion of his training at Network Bulls, Tamoghana was overwhelmed to provide his feedback and reviews about Network Bull’s training. Let’s have a look at Tamoghana’s feedback about networking training at Network Bull's-

They are just the couple of students and we have a long list of Networkbulls students reviews. You can hear the latest Networkbulls student’s reviews and video testimonials on our official YouTube channel and stay updated with our continuous placement streak.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Network Bulls achievements in short span of 7 Years

Getting placed with top IT MNC is quite a hard task today. Thus, millions of fresher graduate and post graduate students opt for building their career in the field of networking. If you are also stepping forward to making your career in networking, then enroll at Network Bulls – India’s best networking training institute.  

Network Bulls was started in the year 2009 and in just a short a span of 7 years the institute has made great achievements. Our competitors find it hard to meet the high training standards and facilities, thus make use of cheap tricks. They upload negative comments, fake blogs and complaints on various social media platform just for defaming the image of Network Bulls. 

Holds 12+ awards for quality training and highest placement record

In just a short span of 7 years Network Bulls holds more than 12 awards to its credit. Awards are earned after the hard efforts of years and it cannot be fake or fraud. Network Bulls have been awarded with these awards for excellent training and highest placement record in the industry. Few awards held by Network Bulls are listed below – 

•    Most promising Cisco & Microsoft training company with proven placement record 2015
•    Most promising Cisco company in India, 2014
•    best network security training institute with proven placement record in networking industry of the year, 2014
•    Best network security training institute in India, 2014
•    The best placement record in networking industry, 2014
Placed more than 14400 students with top IT MNC

Network Bulls has placed more than 14400 students with Top IT MNC of the world and this figure is increasing with the passage of the time. We have a dedicated placement team which strives hard for giving a kick start to the career of students. Placement drives are conducted on regular basis for placing students just after the completion of their Cisco CCIE training.

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90% CCIE success rate 

Hundreds of Cisco candidates have achieved the biggest milestone of their career and cracked the Cisco CCIE examinations. You might be surprised to know that 90% of Cisco aspirants at Network Bulls crack the toughest IT examination in first attempt. Students from different parts of the world like – Nigeria, Cameroon, US, UK etc. travel India, just for enrolling at Network Bulls. 

World’s biggest Cisco Training labs 

Network Bulls was started with just two rooms and in just a short span of 7 years, we own World’s biggest Cisco training labs. Our labs are well-equipped with ultra-modern Cisco devices and live racks. In fact, we have separate labs for the different level of Cisco courses. Devices in the labs are updated in accordance with the blueprint of Cisco  

Largest team of CCIE certified trainers 

Network Bulls has the largest team of CCIE certified expert for providing the right guidance to students. Learning from the right mentor is very crucial for stepping ahead in the right direction. A CCIE expert can guide you in the right direction as he/she is clearly known to the do’s and don’ts of the way. In addition, you get answer to all your queries immediately during the class or the practical sessions only.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Network Bulls Gurugram – The First Choice of Cisco CCIE candidates from all round the world

Pursuing high-end IT certification courses after graduation and engineering is becoming quite necessary for building a bright career especially in the field of networking. There are numerous IT certification courses which can help you to build your career in the IT industry, but if you want to be in the highest paying slab, then pursue Cisco CCIE courses from the best Cisco training institute.
Network Bulls is India’s No.1 Cisco CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE training institute as well as the first choice of Cisco CCIE aspirants from all around the world. Network Bulls aims at imparting quality training to candidates for making them an expert in networking and employable as per the requirement of the IT industry.

You must be thinking, why NB has become the first choice of Cisco CCIE candidates? What is the difference in training and what are the special facilities? Want an answer to your every question, scroll down and know the real achievement stats and special facilities at NB.

80% of students get placed even without appearing for CCIE examination
At Network Bulls, we aim at imparting quality training to students for making them an expert in their domain of networking rather than making them paper certified CCIE. Our aim is to give a kick start to their career and thus we focus on making them employable as per the current need of the IT industry.

80% of students at NB get placed even without appearing for Cisco CCIE examination. IT companies today aim at hiring skilled professionals rather than paper certified CCIE. We understand the requirement of IT industry and thus focus on all round development of candidates by providing technical sessions, theoretical sessions and personality development sessions.

90% students cleared CCIE examination in the first attempt
Network Bulls aims at providing 100% practical training for the better understanding of students. 90% of students at NB cleared the Cisco CCIE examination in the first attempt and this 90% success rate is maintained for 2 consecutive years.

At NB, classrooms are equipped with the real Cisco devices and live racks for the better understanding of students. We believe in explaining each and every concept practically in the theoretical class for giving a better insight into the technology which helps students to build clear concepts.

World’s biggest Cisco training labs with real-time instructors support
Network Bulls has the world’s biggest Cisco training labs which are well-equipped with ultra modern Cisco devices and live racks. In fact, we have separate labs for the different level of Cisco CCIE certification. Our Labs are open 24*7, thus you can come and practice as per the availability of your time.  

Many students face issues while working in labs and have number of queries. We provide real-time instructor’s support to students so that their queries can be resolved in the labs only and they can complete their practical with the clarity of concepts in mind.

India’s largest team of CCIE Certified trainers
A great mentor plays a vital role in shaping the career of students as a right guidance at the right time can take you to great heights in your career. For providing right guidance to students, Network Bulls has CCIE Certified trainers with 5 to 15 years of industrial experience.

NB has India’s largest team of CCIE Certified trainers who have been through the same path and clearly know the do and don’ts of the way.c Technical training team at NB is amongst the top five technical team of the world. Trainers at NB are always ready to walk miles away for the better understanding of students.

Hear from happily placed students and know the reality  
We have placed more than 14400 students with the top IT MNCs of the World. Cisco, CSS Corp, RailTel, British Telecom, Tech Mahindra, Velocis are just to name a few. At, NB we have a dedicated placement team which strives hard for getting students even before the completion of the course.

Network Bulls provides 100% Job guarantee courses to students. We do not believe in making any fake or fraud promises and thus provide written job placement guarantee to students. NB do not make any fake claims, our students speak for us. You can easily find thousands of positive reviews and feedbacks of our students on the web.